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MAY 2017: To our valued customers, and new customes, here is a great discount for the month of MAY....

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MAY 2017:

JUNE 7, 2017: Asphera Incorporated will be exhibiting atthe BioResearch Product Faire event at UC Berkeley on June 7th

If you would like to learn more about the research community products and services in this university market and learn about the breakthroughs in Life Sciences, come visit us and stop by our booth where we will have our biotech and life science optics on display. For more information, you can contact us at: info@asphera.net to learn more.



Company Profile.


is a precision optics company located in Santa Cruz, California with convenient access to Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Asphera was developed by optical industry experts with a focus on aspherical lens applications and manufacturing. Our mission is to satisfy our customer’s financial needs through the use of cutting-edge technology, superior customer service and competitively priced optics.


Asphera specializes in aspherical lenses which allow a wider field of view than a traditional lens. Aspheres are common in imaging applications today because one single asphere can replace a multilens design. The asphere’s more complex surface profile will eliminate spherical and optical aberrations compared to a simple lens. Some common applications for aspheres are wide-angle lighting systems, corrector plates for cameras, telescopes, projectors and small aspheres for collimating diode lasers. Asphera is also continually expanding our capabilities offering components of optical glasses, fused silica, UV-IR crystals, micro-optics, ultra thin quartz windows, reticles, prisms and a wide array of coatings in the UV-VIS-IR spectrums.


special offers

3 week custom deliveries

We can manufacture custom quantities of a (spherical) single lens or lens set within 3 weeks (aspherical - 5-6 weeks) for rush deliveries.

Optical Design solutions

Our dedicated engineers are experienced in lens, coating and assembly designs for any optical system.

Project Management

Our dedicated team members are able to manage all your outsourcing needs to produce results for on-time deliveries.

International Shipments

Our customer base is mainly domestic, but we are also working with a variety of international customers industrial optics.