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  • Single Point Diamond Turning

    Asphera’s newest technology is single point diamond turning (SPDT) offering the highest precision for manufacturing complex aspherical shapes.

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    CNC Polished Aspheres

    CNC polishing is the most efficient method of
    asphere fabrication. It relies on the technique of
    polishing one lens at a time on a
    computer-controlled platform

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  • Precision Moulded Aspheres

    Precision Glass Moulding (PGM) is fabricating a
    mould from a thermally and physcially durable
    material created with an optical quality surface profile

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    • UV-VIS-IR Precision Optics

      Asphera has a long history of working with high-precision
      UV-VIS-IR (193nm to 50μm) components (windows, wedges,
      domes, waveplates, prisms, blanks…) for research and
      development as well as industrial applications.

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    • Sapphire Windows

      Sapphire’s broad transmission range of 150nm
      to 5μm can withstand any mounting configuration
      and can protect any sensing device.

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    • Ultra-Thin Quartz and UV Fused Silica Windows

      Alpha quartz (or low quartz) is the name of the high
      crystalline type of quartz. Low is in reference to the
      stable silica polymorph at low temperatures.

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    • Lithium Fluoride Windowss

      Lithium Fluoride (LiF) is commonly used for
      optical components (windows, wedge windows,
      lenses, prisms) in a wide spectrum band
      from vacuum ultra-violet to infared

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    • Optical Coatings

      Our custom glasses and crystalline substrates
      (or customer provided substrates) are deposited
      using thermal evaporation by resistive heaters,
      electron beam vacuum and ion assisted evaporation

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    • Reticles

      A reticle (or reticule) is a net of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece
      of a sighting device such as a telescope, a telescopic sight,
      a microscope, or the screen of an oscilloscope.

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    • Flat Optics & Prismss

      Asphera is keeping the tradition of plano optics and prisms
      from small runs of 3 pieces up to OEM quantities of 10,000 pieces
      per month. We offer a large selection of prisms (Penta, Right Angle,
      Corner Cube Retro-reflectors, Roof, Porro, beamsplitting cubes…)

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    • Spherical & Cylindrical Lenses

      Lenses can be used for the simple collection of light, the
      scanning of laser beams, precise imaging and image
      transfer. Spherical optics are components of lenses,
      achromatic doublets, triplets and mirrors produced from
      all forms of UV-VIS-IR materials with high accuracy.

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    • Optical Assembly

      Opto-mechanical assemblies such as objectives,
      eye-pieces, reticle, collimating and other cell assemblies
      are produced with multi-axis, high speed CNC machines
      at one location with our plant’s in-house custom mechanics
      facility with environmental testing according to MIL Standards.

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