One asphere can replace a multi-lens design. Its complex surface profile will eliminate spherical and opticalaberrations compared to a simple lens.

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Our UV-IR components are controlled under precision tolerances with purity, parallelism, X-ray orientation as well as size and surface quality.

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Asphera can provide custom defense optical components (reticles, mirrors, prisms, lenses…) and assemblies (objective, reticle, mounted prisms…) for air, sea and ground defense contractors.

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Eliminate headaches of stress, frustration and loss when sourcing all your optical needs.

We have a simple promise to our customers: provide the highest quality product, turn it around fast, and do it at the lowest possible price. We offer customized pricing that meets your needs - not ours. Our management team has over 100 years of experience in the optical industry, and we’ll work hard every day to earn and keep your business. Your loyalty is our achievement.

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" Image quality is
essential for cameras in the medical field . Thank you for a job well done."

Steve Mortenson, Managing Director
Imagin Systems